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Matt and Nicole!!!



Wow…Summer has come to a close and I am back to a schedule.  I have made myself a home at Starbucks once again!!  Thank you Starbucks for providing me with a office.

If I have missed blogging your wedding…hang on cause it is coming.

Matt and Nicole are such an amazing couple…I know,  I use that word far to much, but I assure you they are AMAZING!  The minute I met them I knew they would be easy to photograph…why?  Because just sitting in the coffee shop with them they giggled and joked.  After almost 15 years of marriage I still believe laughter makes a great marriage, but laughter also make great photos!!  The day was relaxed and truly enjoyed by all.

Matt and Nicole, thanks for the opportunity to work with you!  To see your love first hand!  To watch Matt light up when he saw you, Nicole for the first time.   What an amazing moment that was!  It was a day that was truly about your marriage and starting it off right- with God in the center.  Your family and friends showed amazing support and love. I know your wedding was just the beginning of a lifetime of love!!

Here is a little feature of your day and day after session!!

Because this sweet couple did not see eachother before the wedding we decided to do a Day After session.  This was an amazing time of swimming in the river and hanging out at the Viaggio~~~FUN!!!!!


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