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Taylor and Ashley Married- Old Sugar Mill

Love this amazing venue and LOVED this wedding!  Sugar Mill has so many spots, it is impossible to hit them all.  Taylor and Ashley had all the details covered.  This day had very unique and special moments.  It started with Taylor and Ashley meeting before to pray.  They never saw each other, just met for prayer time.  Friends and family looked on and tears were falling down so many faces including mine.  Not a better way to start a day. Another moment that stood out was the speech the father of the bride made.  I was brought to tears yet again as he spoke about how he prayed for her future spouse while she was very young.  Prayer works!!  A great reminder to pray for children’s future….wow, this wedding had a theme!  PRAYER!

Taylor and Ashley your day was perfect!   Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of it…I was blessed by your family and all the love they share for you both!!

I enjoyed working with you this past year, watching your love story take shape was so much fun!   It was a “Happily Ever After” event!!

A little glimpse of what I have been working on!


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