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Seattle Washington Wedding

I had the opportunity to be the photographer for a special family in Seattle.  About a year ago the seed was planted to do a trip to Seattle to photograph Kristen and Jonathan…you know me-I love to travel.  Packed all my bags and my cute husband and we were off!

This couple is loved so very much!!  I saw friends and family arrive from so many places around the country!  The joy and excitement was all over the hotel.  So many people working hard to make this the best day ever!!  It was a success…well worth the many wonderful hands.

This was a unique wedding for me… stayed at the same hotel as the wedding party.  I had a birds eye view on all the details that went into the final production.  So fun to be a part of it.  Not gonna brag, but…I even got my hands on one of the bridesmaids to do her hair…yes, I worked and did hair.  Thanks Aubrey for letting me play hair stylist.  If I wasn’t doing this photography thing I may just be styling hair…just ask my daughter who hides when she sees me with a brush!

Anyway, Jonathan and Kristen are exactly why I love this.  We had tons of time to capture some amazing shots in an amazing location.  I could post so many shots but here are just a few 🙂

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