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Amazing wildflowers!

The past 5 years my business has grown.  I am so happy with the amazing clients that have been so loyal over the years.  They are loving, caring and just incredible!  Sometimes when life gets busy as a photographer you begin to forget to capture your own memories.  Bringing my camera to baseball games seems like a good idea.   Normally I need to have that break time.  5 years ago I brought it to every occasion, and now I find myself feeling a bit guilty about not having my own memories captured.   I  have decided while my kids are out of school for summer break to capture their moments, tell their stories!  Make them feel as special as I hope I make my clients feel.

A few weeks ago I was out at Folsom Lake and had to capture some memories…the purple flowers are just breath taking!  I had a few special people join me for an on the spot photo shoot…a little of what we captured, check it out!

My intentions were to do this post before mothers day…

These are some amazing kids…with incredible mommy’s!   I love that I get to walk through life encouraged by each of them!  Thanks to all of you mommy’s for taking the long hike to this special spot! 


Of course I had to snap a few of Emilie and her friends together…just a few before Emilie had to get out of her skirt and play in the water.

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