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If you would have told me…

If you would have told me a few years ago that I would be traveling the world I would have laughed!  I just wouldn’t have believed it.  This is a girl that hopped on a airplane for her first time when she turned 20.  In just a little over a week I will take my daughter to Africa, but I promised I wouldn’t start another trip without sharing my last experience.

The best way I know how to share with you is by photography…because if I tried to explain it this blog might just be 15 pages long…

Most of you followed my experience on FB, but here are a few photographs I took on our trip…

This first photo is of the the 3 Strands factory.
These were just a few of the bracelets the rescued girls were making 🙂  Warmed my heart to see the girls laugh and work together after all they had been through.

If they would have allowed me to bring a child home with me I would have.  I had a hard time wrapping my mind around how hard these kids work at such a young age…this one stole my heart!This is our team at the Rahab center.  Some of the rescued girls lived and worked here.  They now have a safe home to call home while they recover from the trauma of being trafficed.  They are all so happy and the restoration process has begun!

We were able to travel to the word famous temples.  Nothing says Cambodia more than an elephant!This women made me pay a dollar to capture her smile…I gladly paid it because I could see so much history in her face.  I feel like this picture tells a million stories!It was interesting to see so many people selling things wherever you went.  It is just the way of life in Cambodia…The culture of Cambodia is captivating!  I could have sat on a street corner and watched the motos pass one by one for hours!  It was the craziest thing I have ever seen…TukTuks and Motos running all different directions.

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