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    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, people! Photography is part of my every moment. Since I was a kid I would sit and have memories floating through my head like snap shots. I love to remember every moment! Time is so precious! Photography allows me to stop time and hold onto that memory forever!

    "A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense, and is, thereby, a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety". ~Ansel Adams


Being Real!!  Not an awesome blogger.

So, I usually just share about my clients on this page.  2016 proved to be a crazy year for me personally.  We had some  challenges that we never saw coming…we moved, changed kids schools, and I decided to take a step back from marketing and development of my business.  This basically means I took a break from blogging and social media shares.  Not being able to share as much on social media about my clients has been so hard.  I still photographed close to 60 families, and tons of incredible weddings and engagement sessions.  I plan to share them with you over the next few months.  I am so excited to feel “back to normal”.  It was such a refreshing time of reflection and time with my family.  As I jump back in after 6 months…here goes blogging again!


I have been shooting for close to 20 years, lots of photography trends have crossed my computer (not to age myself but also my film rolls).  I feel like I created the terrible trend of tilting the camera…really it was an awful look but it was art (not really…that is sarcasm).  There are so many trends out there!  We, as photographers find our style…we find our own look.  I like to think I am light, airy, romantic and soft in my editing.  However, I love the deep dreamy look as well.  We live in this Instagram world where our “feed” must flow.  It kinda puts me in a box if I am honest.  I really think it is ok to try different looks out and have a more eclectic style.  We can be well rounded and stay on trend!  I will be sharing some editing “tricks of the trade” at the next Hold True Workshop.


Tyler and Allie are amazing…and the Anthro dress made my day!   

Ok and I am back!

Good Day Sacramento

I am a little late on posting this shoot featured on Good Day Sacramento.  Such an honor to be asked to do this!

Shooting in full sun can be scary!  This was the worst possible time of day to photograph!  I am so glad I had my assistant and a reflector to bring in the best golden light ever!

I love sunset but we don’t always get to chose our lighting.  We will be teaching more about full sun photography at the Hold True Workshop!  You can also view the Good Day Sacramento segmant on their page…You will see how harsh the sun really was on my face for TV (shameless appology for the dark shadows and squinty eyes) .


Deanne Redarte Floral Design provided the amazing flowers



The Bride

There is nothing quite like it!! Being the amazing Bride!!! Months of planning and you have come to the day…the day you have dreamt about most of your life. You are finally here, on your wedding day! Cherish this moment and breath deep cause this will forever be the best day of your life!

Love the laughter!

Catch Your Dream Workshop- Tori Wible Styled Workshops

What an amazing time we had!! It had been a year and half since I had done a workshop. Time to jump back in the workshop saddle. The “Catch Your Dream Workshop” was a hit!! We had so many amazing photographers join us to photograph this Boho-Navajo inspired wedding. Like a real wedding day, we are creating and working as a team to make the day perfect. I truly wish you could see the behind the scenes! By the end we are all exhausted mentally and physically, but you look at the results and breathe that ever-so-needed sigh of relief because it all turned out great!!! It was so important to make this one different than the rest. Previously we had airplanes, hot air balloons, beaches, amazing cars and boats…how do I top that? Well, how about a Navajo inspired look with tents, horses, barns, an old chapel and a farmhouse surrounded by hillsides…that’ll do it!

I have to personally thank the people who matter the most to me! Kori with Kori and Jared Photography, big thank you for joining me to help co-teach. It is way more fun to have a friend along…Kori is incredibly talented,inspiring, fun and I just love her friendship..truly a blessing to have her along!

I received so many texts messages and sweet phone calls. I love that I have people in my life that love to support my dreams. I sometimes get choked up when I think of how I have been supported and loved in my personal life and business life. It may seem little to you…but to me it means so very much that you believe in me. If your reading this long note…extra points, this is a long winded post! Thanks for caring about what I care about, my heart is so full of gratitude!

Vendor thank-you’s at end of post

Here are some photos to enjoy…more to come

Vendor thank-you notes:

The location, Lehman Barn, was breathtaking and so easy to work with! Thanks you for hosting us all!!

The flowers by Rodarte Floral Design seriously blew me away!!! Gorgeous work! She truly is the best of the best!

El Dorado Party Rentals provided us with incredible tables, chairs, the arch, piano, tent and so so much more!! Couldn’t have done it without them!

Copper and Color…WOW, WOW, WOW!! We brainstormed ideas and they were off with this incredible look!! Plus they had to deal with my million texts! The theme was beyond what I had imagined. Thanks girls!!

Oh and the desserts which I feel like I ate a million sea salt caramel chewy things…that’s what I call them. Divine Desserts — you’re incredible.

We also played say YES to the dress at Lynn Lugos Bridal studio. She made the dress shopping precess so easy and fun! And, well she is a style ICON herself!! Talented designer!!

Thanks to Ampersand Cinema for creating the video for the workshop and talking to the group about marketing. The best video guys around!

Oh and of course I have to also thank all the models…BIG and LITTLE!! You made the drive and endured 15 photographers in your face…you were all amazing!

Thanks to Shannon Ertel for the hair — she always does the best bridal hair! Leslie Ryan Hooten did the most incredible makeup…highly recommend her!!!