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New Year!!  Thanks you for your business and support!

It is a new year and WOW!!!! What a year I have had!  My business doubled in all areas…family pictures, baby portraits, kids, travel, and of course weddings.  Although I love EVERY aspect of photography I would like to shout out to all my brides.

I am incredibly grateful that you trusted me to be part of your wedding day.  You truly all have a place in my heart and have become more than clients…you are all now friends.  Weddings are amazing because I am truly a part of every second of the day…you have to want me around.  I always know what type of brides I work well with.  So far you have all been so creative and open with what you are looking for.  This has allowed me to see your vision and create portraits that reflect who you are.  I am never more pleased than when I hear from a bride after the wedding.  I put so much love into your day and it means a ton that you are happy with the results.

All this said, with growth came growing pains.  I realized during the early fall that I couldn’t do it alone.  Big thanks to all of you for being understanding when the season became very busy!  That is where my wonderful staff comes in.  I can’t mention weddings without mentioning the people who help me.  I have an amazing team that starts working the second we sign a contract.  Not to mention the wonderful assistants that come along on your special day (Kelly and Leslie).   The second shooters help to make sure nothing is missed, very important to my service  (Cheryl -came from Portland to check my style out and second shoot, Gail, Crystal, Janet, Charleton- all amazing photographers who have second shot for me.)

Last year I said goodbye to Angela…she was of course not replaceable!!!  She brought heart and love to my home everytime she came to work for me.  It was hard to see her move on to Portland to start a new chapter in her life.  I know she is exactly where she is supposed to be.  Those of you that met her LOVE her.

Helen is my new addition to TW Photography.  She is just incredible.  She has started keeping the accounting straight so I don’t have to and she is my sounding board which everyone needs!!   She brings me down from lala land sometimes…I spend most of my time there.  If you are a recent bride or a future bride you will get to know Helen well 🙂  Love her…’cause she is awesome.

I know this is a long post but I want you all to know that I look back at 2010 grateful for your place in my business growth and life!  I trust that your marriages will be blessed.  I continue to pray for all of you as life moves on.  Marriage isn’t all ways easy!  The good news…it is worth it.  I believe in the Sanctity of marriage and know God placed all of you together to do great things!   Some of you will soon be having babies and moving into a new exciting phase of life and I hope to be able to capture baby moments for you as well!

Notice how incredibly gorgeous all my couples are!  I hear all of the time “where do you get these people”

HAPPY NEW YEAR!Above:  I am cheating a little with Kim and Matt–  I had the opportunity to shoot their post wedding portraits and they modeled for me a few times.  Matt is sorta like a GQ model…yes that’s right…I said it.  No worries he also like “So You Think You Can Dance.”  He is proud of it and I love that!  Kim is so gorgeous and willing to do anything…even get her dress wet!  That is like a present to a photographer!  Kim knows her stuff when it comes to weddings, she is a wedding planner.   Visit her at:

Above: Maci and Brandon-  Incredibly amazing backyard wedding with style and character.  Yummy food and delicious cake pops.  Loved the way Brandon was lost whenever her looked at Maci…he was good at not knowing the camera was right there.  They both had wonderful ideas and I loved seeing them come to life!

Stacy and Lee–  Sweet!  These two are so nice and fun to be with.  My husband assisted me on the engagement shoot and LOVED hanging out with Lee.  This wedding had a Vineyard back drop.  You could tell talent was in the family.  The details were breathe taking….everything thought out beautifully.   Stacy read a letter from Lee before the wedding that brought the room to tears!  What a fun thing to do.  Don’t I have gorgeous bride and grooms!

Scott and Heidi —  What troopers!  Who would have thought it would rain in August?  It was a crazy wet wedding, but you would never know from the photos.  The guests took their umbrellas and everything was just right!  Rain or shine.  When you are in love weather doesn’t matter!  Heidi was stunning in her amazing gown.  The beach setting was a perfect backdrop.   This was a close second to my coldest wedding ever.  Would never know it!

Above: Tyler and Kristi — Classy, classy!  Who needs Photoshop when your bride is flawless…Kristi is not only gorgeous on the outside — she has an amazing inside too!!   The fall-themed wedding was so perfect.  Every detail was elegant!  I was a little worried about timeframes on this one…thank God for a perfect sunset at just the right time.

Deanna and Tim….FUN!  I love that they laughed every second.  They enjoyed the day and took time enjoying each and every moment.  Not to mention I have known Deanna for years…special to see her on the happiest day of her life!  Tim is no doubt her perfect match!

Kristen and Jonathan — Love, Love, Love…these two couldn’t get enough of each other.  It was not hard to capture a portrait that had expression and love behind it.  I was also very blessed to go to Seattle to shoot this one.  Best part is my hubby assisted me.  He keeps me laughing and bring me water…come on!!

Tonia and Jordan —  It is always hardest to photograph a family member’s wedding.  Extra pressure that they love their portraits.  I am very serious when I do my work and I think it shocks the people around me who know I am never serious in “real” life.  Everyone in the family got a glimpse of my passion for photography.  Many had never even visited my blog…I so enjoy sharing with them my love for what I do.  Tonia and Jordan are expecting a baby in May.  What a fun first year for them.  This wedding may have been the most special of all as she is my cousin.
What can I say? Family!

Jessica and Shane —  Vintage and fabulous.  They had a pie table…I could almost stop there 🙂  My daughter thought that was about the best thing she had ever heard.  The Viscaya was the backdrop to this perfect day.   Jessica and Shane were no doubt  loved by their friends and family…a tribute to the amazing people they are.  Fun to be around and even more fun when they are together!

Jenna and Curt.  When I met with Jenna to deliver her album we sat and talked for a bit.  I could have hung out with her all night.  A gorgeous couple and very natural in front of the camera.  I will never get over the whole crowd singing the Florida song right before Curt took off her Gator Garter.  Love that every wedding has a special touch!

Alyssa and Nick —  They launched 2010 for me.  I was blessed to start the year out with them in March!   They also brought me Jessica and Shane 🙂  Alyssa had ideas and wanted a very funky look.  I was so excited to do something different!  After all I like different.  I had a blast working with them.  Nick is a keeper…you can tell he takes special care of Alyssa.  I was impressed by how helpful he was.  I think he asked me if he could get me water on his wedding day.  Seriously amazing couple!  Not to mention their family treated me like one of them.  I have had the opportunity to work with them since then as well.   What a treasure to work with a couple over and over!Daniel and Danielle —  Laughter was in the air.  I had a few moments where I became caught up in the laughter and had to remind myself to shoot.  Both sides of the family had so much fun together.  The humor made my job easy.  I will have to say this was one of the coldest weddings I have photographed…everyone hung in there as we photographed in the rain!  I will be posting more on their day soon.

Alan and Serenity —  December wedding and warm…what!  It was an amazing day!  It was so incredibly touching to be a part of this day.  Serenity and I met through a mutual friend and soon realized we were personality twins!  I love that with this girl you know exactly where you stand…LOVED.  She loves with all of her heart.  I have known her for a very short time and she feels like a comfortable shoe…I know that is weird to those of you that do not know me.  It was an honor to capture the beginning of an amazing life together!

Below are just a few weddings I second shot.  I enjoyed the opportunity to help a photographer who had never shot a wedding before!  What fun to walk through that day with her.  Was so glad I was a part of her first wedding.  A few of my images.

I was second shooter on the one below.  The Flower Farm in Loomis!  A favorite spot!

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