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Seth and Lindsey Engaged! Old Sugar Mill and Sac Town!!

These two are so cute!   This could have easily been a 10 hour shoot for me!  First off, just loved hanging out with them…second, ummmmm gorgeous couple!  I feel spoiled with cute couples!!  When I met with Lindsey to book her session she told me her feelings about a wedding day.  She truly intends on investing in the marriage and the wedding is just a celebration of the beginning a fabulous life together.  What an incredible grasp she has on what she wants her day to be, a celebration of God’s love for them and unity and commitment to each other!  LOVE this couple!

Lindsey and Seth…Thanks so much for trusting me to capture your day.  I know it will be perfect and I am so excited to see all your plans take shape.  Here are a few of my very favorites!

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