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Victor and Crystal- Engaged

A few years ago I sat in the bleachers at a Bayside Womens Retreat.   The speaker was Jeannie Rodriquez.  What an amazing woman!!   I listened to her story and I saw myself in so many ways.  We had so much in common…it was an immediate connection.  I had to send her an e-mail to let her know how her story had touched me.  We soon met for coffee and a wonderful friendship began.   As Jeanne and I talked it was no secret who she loved…she beamed and she spoke about her family.  She talked about her son and his girlfriend and how she hoped they would marry one day.  I had no idea that I would soon be documenting their love story!  Crystal and Victor are getting married in June of 2011!!  What an amazing couple with so much love for each other.  I had a blast hanging out with them at Apple Hill, playing baseball, eating caramel apples, having a picnic, juggling…they are so much fun!  Victor and I argued for a minute over weather he was a bigger sports fan than my husband…I think he wins :)!!   After all he works in the Sacramento Kings locker room!  I have just a few of the images to show you, so many great shots!!

July 16, 2011 - 6:37 pm

Cesar Palima - Great shots! What a lovely couple!

October 21, 2011 - 1:14 am

whitney - so miss her, i was there on that day, did her make up….victor is strong man, so happy that he is able to play sports again and smiling again…your awesome tori!

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