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KCRA- A List Voted “Best Photographer”

So as many of you know, I recently received the award for first place on the KCRA A List for Wedding Photography.  

Bare with me as I am a touchy feely girl who needs to send out some thanks!!

A little over a month ago my husband called and let me know I was nominated…I had never been entered in the past — just never thought about it.  To be honest I have never won anything before. Having people vote for me makes me nauseous, so my first thought was hmmmm…the nomination was as far as I would go with it.  Later that day my husband began asking friends and clients to vote and I quickly moved to 19th place.  Believe it or not, that was enough for me…I was thrilled to be among the top 20 out of almost 400 photogs.  After mentioning it to a few people I kept creeping up…I was shocked.  So I began posting on Facebook and sent two e-mail blasts…Wow!  I never expected to make it to first place. I truly am in shock.  Pinch me! 🙂 

I could tell you I never ran for office in high school, never got Homecoming Queen, and a whole lot more nevers.  I would more likely be voted most likely to make a joke at the wrong moment, most likely to get busted for talking and giggling in the back of the class, most likely to stick her foot in her mouth, …or maybe even most dedicated to what she loves…but not something like Best Photographer.  I think there is an amazing amount of talent in Sacramento and the surrounding areas…incredible photographers.  So if I haven’t been clear — I was blown away.

The thing that I took away from this experience was how amazing people in my life are.  God has beyond blessed me with wonderful family, friends and clients.  I photograph a lot of people at the State Capitol whom I call the Capitol Grandmas. Every year my mom,who works at the Capitol, has a big grandmother party and I get to photograph them…they were all happy to vote! Then there are the families at Adventure Christian School whom I have worked with for the last 4 years and love dearly…many of you supported me and posted for me — a blessing to work with such amazing families.  Of course there is First Baptist Church of Elk Grove Preschool where Lindy, the head of the preschool, has been a dear friend and client since I started my career. She posted and voted and posted some more.  Thank you Lindy, I love the FBC families I get to photograph every Thanksgiving!  Rachel, Allene and Deanne posted the most and made sure that they rallied many votes for me. They were like having the mayor on your side…they know everyone.  I had the opportunity to work with Rachel’s company Solar Nation last year…I know they sent me tons of votes!!  Of course my small group friends whom I love dearly, and all the amazing “Baysiders”!  So many more clients joined in the fun…if only I had the space to mention everyone here.  Every single one of you made a difference and helped me get the number one spot :). 

So, in the beginning I thought that this was a silly competition but when I saw the love and support you all gave me I decided it was AMAZING, and made me love what I do so very much!  I want to do better because you supported me.  I put so much love into every client.  I pray for my brides and grooms, I watch weather for weeks before weddings and shoots, I think of nothing but your amazing day before it comes…it may be a bit obsessive, but I love it and am so glad that God created this job for me.

One last thanks to my husband…he completely lost his dignity in the cutest way!  Showed me often how much he loved me…checking in and keeping me posted…made me a bit crazy.  I didn’t even know how to log in…seriously!!  He is the most honest and amazingly caring man with a humble heart and incredible love for the Lord.  For a man that hardly ever posts on Facebook, he all of the sudden became a poster.  He had many people laugh and poke fun at him but he just smiled at the jokes ’cause he loved doing it for me.  Thanks!! 

So THANK YOU for voting and for allowing me to fill up your news feed for 2 weeks…  AND thank you for supporting me and making me feel loved and special.   

OK. That was my Academy Award speech- the music is playing and I have been kicked off this blog 🙂

June 2, 2011 - 4:58 pm

Jessica Pollock - Tori – You have and always will be an incredible person surrounded by love! Congratulations again on the win and I can’t wait for our chance to work together! We need to make it happen soon 🙂

June 2, 2011 - 5:42 pm

India - I was not surprised by your win. Your personality is contagious and I always look forward to when I know I am going to see you. I’m so proud of you. Your love for God is evident because one can see it through your love towards people. Congratulations….you deserve it.


June 3, 2011 - 2:37 pm

admin - Thanks India, you are so sweet! It means tons to have my close friends post on my blog…made me smileto see this:) Thanks so much for your love and support!

June 3, 2011 - 2:37 pm

admin - Thanks Jess…I could say the same to you! Hope to see you at the A list party 🙂

June 5, 2011 - 6:20 pm

Jeanne Rodriguez - I finally had a little time to read your Academy Award Speech. 🙂 I am so proud of you and excited that you were recognized for the gift the Lord has given you!!
Jeanne 🙂

June 7, 2011 - 11:45 am

Rebecca - Congratulations! I know the feeling of loving the top 20 out of so many talented artists! But awesome that you nabbed the top!! It’s time for a new raining winner!

Rebecca Knoblauch
Stimulate Photography

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