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Adina and Justin Bay Area Wedding Photography

Justin and Adina were the exact reason why I LOVE what I do!!  Their love story is just beginning but it is already full of memories!  I had so much fun documenting the day, starting with Justin and his guys.  They were incredibly excited and relaxed, most likely because everything was well-planned by this AMAZING couple.  They truly had a seamless day. 

Adina made me smile because she could not walk by one person without telling them how glad she was they came.  You could tell every single person was special to them and they wanted them to be there!  It was an intimate wedding full of details and love!  Thanks to both of you for allowing me to photograph the day! 

I can not wait to show you the rest…you have been very patient through the busy December.  Well worth the wait 🙂

An amazing FIRST LOOK!!!  Love everyone looking on!

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