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It just takes one to bring awareness to many!!

Never did I see 2014 coming with such a crazy travel schedule.  First I plan on taking my daughter to Kenya in April!!  Now in just 10 days I will find myself across the world in Cambodia.  A little over a week ago I attended Bayside to watch a video that highlighted the injustice that is occurring in Cambodia –children are being sold into sex slavery.  For some reason, young girls lack value in this specific country and in so many other parts of the world.  I have to say that each of these girls reminds me of my amazing daughter with whom I love so dearly.  I as a mommy would lay my life down to protect hers.  It is hard to believe that so many kids do not have the opportunity to be loved or valued.  They see themselves as ugly, wounded, worthless and so many more horrible things.  They are sold to men for weeks at a time and living in brothels all to make money for their family.  It is so hard to wrap your brain around the social injustice.

I left changed after viewing the documentary.  It is funny because I prayed recently that God would create a stirring in my heart to do something outside my self this year, not only with my photography, but for my children, my husband and within my friendships.  I didn’t think He would answer by sending me to Cambodia in less than 10 days, but that is exactly what He did!  I was asked and within 5 hours had a plane ticket!  I think I closed my eyes when I pressed  charge.  I had no idea how I was going to pay for my trip or what I was going to do with my kids…it all just came together.  People offered to help, extra photography business came in, and all without me even asking.  It was clear that I was right where I was asked to be.

So the nerves set in for a minute but then the excitement took over.  As hard as it will be to see what is happening in Cambodia, I am blessed to get to be a voice and through my photography, to put faces to the stories I hear.  Although I am not there primarily as a photographer, I am an artist, and a have always enjoyed documentary photography, I am grateful that I get to go…

I can’t wait to see what God has for me and where this trip will lead the Wibles.  We, as a family will be on this mission trip, I pray my children will be stirred to work hard to change our world.   That they will see how important it is to fight for others when sometimes they can not fight for themselfes.

Thanks for reading along and I will hope to keep you updated on the Journey to Cambodia!!!

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