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Kim and Matt- I do’s are done, let’s have some fun!!

Trash the dress…well maybe just a little!!  I was so glad that Matt and Kim where up for doing an after wedding session!!  Without the nerves of the wedding and stress of messing the dress up, they just had fun with it.

Kim and Matt where married last month.  I had the privilege to photograph there journey, from before to after the wedding.  Within the photography journey I have made some great friends.  I had a blast working with them…they were up for just about anything.  Photographing this couple is just plain fun.  They show there love and playful personalities so easily…not much direction has to be given….just let them be real, and there it is!!

When Matt looks at Kim it is like nothing is happening around him….the camera is gone and he is mesmerized by her.  These two have a unique passion for life and each other.  Kim’s giggle is contagious and makes everyone smile around her.  It is no wonder she is in the wedding business.

I love that Matt will direct Kim to pose certain ways, at one point he told her to grab his tie…I laughed as I shot a picture because not often do the guys start directing the shoot.  I love that!!   It is fun to see Matt bring out his Abercrombie looks and for Kim to get a shy expression that lights up the camera.

Thanks to Kim and Matt for allowing me to have a peek at there love and capture it to be remembered forever!

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