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Kenya 2011

Well, it is time for me to take over my blog for 10 days with my trip to Kenya!  A year ago I was approached with the opportunity to travel to Africa with Bayside Church.  I knew right away I was going, didn’t really feel like I needed to think it over…just knew it was the right time.  I have been wanting to go to Africa for the past 10 years as a photojournalist.  I am not sure where the desire came from, but the artistic side of me is just drawn to the photography that comes out of Africa.  This trip is personal in that way, but so much more than that.  I am going with a team of 12 women, through the organization- HEART, here is the link to learn more about what they do to bless the women in Kenya.

One of my clients recently said to me “Africa broke me in the best way possible and I will never be the same”  I am preparing myself to be broken.  Brad went back in the spring to the same place we are going.  His desire was to make sure it was safe for me in the beginning.  He soon saw that it was a trip that would forever change him.  Watching him and his journey has helped settle my nerves quite a bit. 

As we move throughout our days in America we don’t often think about how blessed we are just to have been born here.  I have had that thought often over the past year. Why was I born in America and someone else born in a Country where there is so much disease, pain and illness?  I am not sure that question will ever be answered while on earth, but I am grateful for the reminder that we live in an amazing place.  My gratitude shall run even deeper in 10 days when I return. 

The hardest part is leaving my family behind.  Trusting God to take care of them…I feel a little out of control being so far away.  I have prepared the teachers that the kids may not match, they may have crazy hair and they may need a few extra hugs.  I am adventurous at heart, but I enjoy my adventures with my family by my side.  Not used to traveling by myself for so long.  So thankful that God has provided me with 12 amazing travel partners to help me through this.  And praise GOD for skype! 

Many of you have been praying for me this past year, thanks so much!  Please pray for me and my family!!  Pray for safe travels tomorrow.  THANK YOU to all who support me time and time again!!  I feel humbled often by the texts, and email I get from many of you letting me know you are praying.  Although I dreamed of a journey like this years ago, not sure I ever expected it to happen.  God has filled this desire and He used many of you to help make it possible!

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