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Home from Africa


I left 15 days ago not knowing what Africa held for me.  I had no idea when I came back I would feel so challenged.  Challenged to listen to the calling on my life…the calling to serve.  I am trying to figure out a way to describe my trip in a short blog and it seems impossible!  It is impossible!  I have sat hear at my computer over a dozen times…started writing all my thoughts, seems a bit overwhelming.  Words do not feel like enough!   What I have is my photos, but so many feelings go with each image…with each image is a memory of amazing people who changed my life forever!  God spoke to me through the culture, the women, the worship and everything Kenyan…my heart was full of joy, sorrow, tears, and laughter.  I think I hit every emotion on my trip.  So grateful to all whom supported and prayed for me, and most of all grateful to an amazing team I had the honor to work alongside of, lead by an incredible leader.  Truly a blessed trip! 

Dandora Baptist Church- This is the old Worship Center.  Many of the women on the trip had the honor of sending our husbands last spring to help build the new worship center which will be completed in 2011.

The new worship center- Proud wives!!

Above is a photo out the window of our very bumpy bus….This would be my dad in Kenya…not exactly his recliner!

We spent several days at the WEEP center in Kibera.  This is where our team did well check on the preschoolers of the women in the program.   Those of us who were not fit to be in the medical field (me!!) helped do crafts and played with the kids…I mostly photographed them and they asked to see it.  They love to have pictures taken!

In the WEEP center the women with AIDS are taught trades and skills so that they can own their own business when they graduate.  The come into the center hopeless, sick and lonely, ready to give up…they leave business women.  I was very impressed by the friendships as well, you can feel the love and support!


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